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Abortion Doctor Sears Conscience With Hot Iron Before Beginning Day's Procedures

ATLANTA, GA—According to sources from within a local Planned Parenthood clinic, Dr. Lucy Redding washed her hands, prepped her equipment, and then calmly produced a hot iron and seared her conscience numb before beginning the day’s procedures.

The doctor melts the nerves on her God-given conscience before each work day, to ensure she doesn’t feel anything while terminating the lives of dozens of babies.

“It was pretty difficult at first, but you get more used to it after a while,” she told reporters. “Now, I barely feel anything as the red-hot iron enters my brain and numbs my sense of right and wrong.”

“It takes a few years to build up the callous, but it’s worth it,” she added as she picked up a clipboard and began perusing the day’s appointments.

At publishing time, Dr. Redding had gone in for a midday conscience searing after a particularly difficult 16-week abortion procedure that would have made anyone else vomit.

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