After Brief Absence, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns Home To Hospital

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After a brief absence earlier this week, Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned to her regular routine of staying at the hospital.

Democrats were concerned about her unusual outing from the hospital, so were glad to find that she had returned to business as usual when she was readmitted earlier today.

"We were worried about her when she was out of the hospital for a bit -- that's just not like her," said a family member close to Ginsburg. "We had a real scare there. We're glad to see that she's back to her regular residence in a hospital bed. She's been there for over 15 years, and we're just happy to see her resume her schedule like a boss."

"Yeah, Justice Ginsburg basically lives here now," said one orderly. "We got her all set up in her favorite room. She takes her mail here and everything. She's a good resident, quiet. You'd almost swear they're pulling one of those Weekend at Bernie's things with us. Hey, wait a minute --" He then ran off to test his theory.

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