After Hours-Long Search Through Old Tweets And Podcasts, Activist Successfully Offended

NEW YORK, NY—Internet activist Gina Bridges's nine long hours of hard work reading old tweets and listening to podcasts from years ago finally paid off when she found something offensive in a decade-old tweet. “Jackpot!” Bridges squealed in delight before getting really mad at how offended she was.

When someone new pops up in the media, Bridges takes it upon herself to scrutinize the person’s past to find anything offensive about him or her. This is intensive work, sometimes taking days, but Bridges is dedicated. “Bigotry is getting harder and harder to find,” Bridges said, “but I will find it. That’s how much I care.”

Now that Bridges has found something offensive, she’s going to start a campaign to get her target fired. “It’s important we chase these people from the public square,” Bridges explained. “Otherwise someone else might see these people, spend hours going through their past statements, and also be offended. That would be awful.”

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