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Amyraldian Basketball Team Loses Championship Game By One Point

LOS ANGELES, CA—Amyraldian Bible College’s varsity team took to the basketball court intent on total domination Thursday night, but were unable to resist the effectual perseverance of Reformed College of the Reformation’s highly skilled squad.

The NCCAA Division IV Western Championship match-up was back and forth the whole way, with lead changes seemingly every minute, until the very end of the second half when senior point guard Calvin Hus, his team trailing by one, sunk a fadeaway jumper as the clock ran out to win the game by just one point.

“It’s like it was predestined to happen,” Hus told reporters in a post-game interview. “I just knew if we were going to win, it had to be on our terms. It had to be unconditional.”

Amyraldian’s team captain and junior at the college John Armstrong was devastated by the loss, but remains determined to bring his team back to the hallowed championship game next year. “Yeah, they got one more point than us, we all agree on that. But I think the extent of what was accomplished here is debatable.”

“Nothing can atone for this heartbreaking loss,” he added. “But I’m electing to be optimistic. I still believe our potential is definitely unlimited.”

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