Angels Appear In Outfield To Help Tim Tebow Catch Fly Ball

GREENVILLE, SC—In what’s being called “the miracle in Greenville,” two angels descended from the heavens during the Columbia Fireflies vs. Greenville Drive contest Wednesday and lifted outfielder Tim Tebow into the air so he could make an impossible catch.

The score was 1–1 in the bottom of the 8th inning when Drive left fielder Asher Lazado smashed one to deep center.

Nobody thought Tebow would be able to get to it—but unbeknownst to them, he would get some help.

As Tebow charged toward the path of the ball, two angels appeared out of the sky, quickly descended into the outfield at Fluor Field, and lifted him up—one on each arm—miraculously carrying him up into the air where he made the amazing catch before being dropped by the heavenly creatures back down to the grass.

The Fireflies ended up winning the contest in extra innings.

Asked in the post-game interview about the unbelievable event, Tebow just smiled and said, “They’re always watching,” as he pointed at the heavens.

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