Bryce Harper Wins World Series In 'MLB The Show 19'

HENDERSON, NV—Bryce Harper has won the World Series for the fifth time since returning home to Nevada for the offseason. This time though, it was all the more meaningful, as Harper's Phillies beat his former team -- the Washington Nationals -- in a four-game sweep to take the NLCS on Sunday.

His victory, of course, was only in MLB The Show 19.

It all started when Harper simulated through seven-eighths of the season as he always does. He inherited a below-500 ballclub but was quick to get the Phillies back into the playoff race.

Harper and the Phillies won the wildcard game easily at St. Louis, 15-3. Then came the Los Angeles Dodgers who stole game one, but wouldn't see another victory against Harper's Philadelphia squad. When Harper swept the Nationals he cried a little, but then headed to church because the series had lasted all night.

Harper rested up until Tuesday before beginning the World Series against the Red Sox. It was three in the morning Wednesday when Harper defeated the Sox 7-4 in game six to take the title.

"We did it," Harper told his wife when he crawled into bed at 3:45 am. "That's five rings in four weeks. You believe that?"

"Go to bed, Bryce," his wife replied. "Game seven of the World Series is tomorrow night and I don't want to miss it."

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