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Bush Cheney '04 Sticker Hanging On For Dear Life

MATTHEWS, TX—Multiple sources confirmed Friday that a Bush-Cheney '04 bumper sticker on the back of a local truck is still hanging on for dear life.

The sticker has survived multiple new conflicts in the Middle East, both Obama terms, and the topsy-turvy 2016 election, but those close to the Bush-Cheney campaign decal don't think it's going to make it to see the 2020 race.

"It's had a good, full existence," said Farmer Todd, who sees the truck parked at the feed store several times a week. "It was an inspiration for us all through the Obama years, but now that we've got Trump in office, maybe its time has come."

The local mainstay will be survived by a "Terrorist Hunting Permit" window decal and an "I Don't Brake For Protesters" bumper sticker.

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