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Callous: Mike Pence Still Hasn't Apologized For Making Jussie Smollett Attack Himself

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Once again showing his colors as a callous, tone-deaf bigot, Vice President Mike Pence is still stubbornly refusing to apologize for making Jussie Smollett fake an attack on himself earlier this year.

Celebrities like Ellen Page pointed to the hateful, anti-LGBT rhetoric of Mike Pence and bigots like him as the primary cause of Smollett's attack. But despite ranting about him and then suddenly being silent when the attack was revealed to be a hoax, Pence hasn't so much as groveled at the feet of the left to ask for forgiveness.

"This is exactly what we've come to expect from the right," Page said in a tearful interview in between sobs. "We point out their bigotry, we point out their hatred. It's so bad that we are now being forced to attack ourselves in the streets. And despite all of our crying on late-night shows, they still refuse to acknowledge that they are the root cause of gay people attacking themselves."

"This is Trump's America," she added before screaming at the sky.

At publishing time, Pence was still refusing to apologize and even said he would continue to treat LGBT people with respect like some kind of monster.

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