Cheers Go Up From Nation's Unborn Babies As ACB Confirmed

U.S.—As the vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett passed the Senate today, a great disturbance was felt across the nation's wombs.

Mothers around the country confirmed they felt their unborn babies dancing for joy and heard tiny cheers erupting from within them.

"It is as if millions of tiny voices suddenly cried out in hope," said one doctor, "hope that it would one day be illegal for their tiny voices to be suddenly silenced." Babies leaped within their mothers' wombs, some even breaking out into dances of celebration. Some uncool babies did the floss or dabbed.

While millions of babies cheered, others urged caution, reminding their fellow unborn humans that Republicans are pretty good at promising to end abortion and then pulling the football away at the last second. "I'm excited that we have a more conservative court," said unborn baby Braiyden Paulson, "but remember that we thought abortion would end with Kavanaugh too, and that hasn't happened yet. Let's keep our hopes in check here."

Still, babies are praying that God would intervene and use Amy Coney Barrett to overturn Roe v Wade -- praying as though their lives are depending on it.

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