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Chick-Fil-A Employee Seen In Cranky Mood

MARIETTA, GA—Multiple sources are reporting that a local Chick-fil-A employee, Mary Beth Hall, was spotted in a cranky mood while on the clock Wednesday.

“Our family has eaten there I don’t know how many times, and we’ve never had an incident until now,” witness Carissa Sepley told reporters. “The girl looked flat-out . . . grumpy.”

Other patrons corroborated Sepley’s story. “She walked up to our table and asked if she could refresh our beverages,” one mother recounted. “So we handed her two empty lemonade cups and thanked her. Silence. No ‘My pleasure,’ no nothing. I’m 60 percent sure I saw an eye-roll; my son swears he heard a sigh.”

Asked what had gotten into her, Hall admitted she’s not sure. “My job description as a Chick-fil-A floater is simple: glide from table to table spreading merriment and mirth. I guess I just lost my way.”

Multiple sources at the scene overheard Hall’s manager, John Mark Fitzgerald, pull her aside near the end of her shift. “I’ve never told anyone this, Mary Beth, but I came awfully close to ornery on Cow Appreciation Day 2002,” he reportedly told her. “You can keep your job.”

“My pleasure,” she replied. “I mean, thank you.”

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