Every Child In Household Descends Like A Vulture The Moment Local Mother Finishes Fixing Herself Lunch

HOUSTON, TX—Local mother Linda Harwood needed a break. She'd been watching her kids all day, her husband was away on business, and she hadn't sat down or eaten anything in hours.

So, she put her toddler down for a nap and had her other two kids go play. The mother of three with one on the way then fixed herself the most delicious sandwich the world had ever seen and poured herself a cool glass of V8 fruit juice.

Instantly, as though a siren had warned them of her impending moment of peace, every child in the home sprinted her direction to beg for food.

"Mama, I'm hungy!" her two-year-old said, reaching up to grab her sandwich. The toddler had somehow leaped out of her crib and bashed through several childproof gates to make it to the kitchen.

The horrified mother looked on as her 8-year-old son ripped himself away from Fortnite long enough to burst into the kitchen and say, "Hey, mom, that sandwich looks good. I guess I'm getting pretty hungry after all."

Finally, her 7-year-old son, who was playing outside, jumped in through a window and screamed, "FOOOOOOD!!!!"

At publishing time, the mother had surrendered her sandwich and juice to her kids and hidden in a corner of the garage to try to eat some Sun Chips, but all three of them came running as soon as they heard the sound of the package being opened.

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