Chris Pratt Will Now Voice Morgan Freeman

U.S.—Chris Pratt, beloved voice of Emmett the Lego, Mario, and Garfield, has landed another big voice acting role, taking on the part of Morgan Freeman. Pratt will provide the voice for anything Morgan Freeman says throughout his day, whether he's saying hello to his kids, ordering a coffee, or narrating his third documentary of the day.

Pratt said he's excited to bring the character, and actual person Morgan Freeman to life. "I'm so happy to land this role. It's always been a dream of mine to voice Freeman," he said in a statement. "I'm hoping to really bring this guy to life. He's a total idol for me, and I hope I can do Freeman justice."

The beloved actor, known for his starring roles in Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks & Recreation, and his incredibly hot body—which is just legendarily amazing; have you seen those abs? And those delts! Man alive!—is studying hard for the role, shadowing Freeman to see what he does all day. He's even doing some method acting by spending time in Shawshank Prison, sitting on a cloud and pretending to be God, and living in a Batcave designing odd gadgets.

At publishing time, Pratt had also been cast as the voice of Shai-Hulud in Dune Part 2, the voice of James Earl Jones, and the voice of Woody in Toy Story 5.

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