'Christian Movies Are Way Too Preachy!' Says Man Who Clearly Hasn't Watched A Netflix Show Recently

SHREVEPORT, LA—According to sources, local TV-watcher Aaron Cramblestein recently denounced Christian movies as the most "preachy" and "cringeworthy" type of entertainment, apparently oblivious to what Netflix has been offering lately.

"You can hardly call it entertainment," he said. "It's so ham-fisted and on-the-nose, trying so hard to shove its message down your throat that story and character take a back seat!"

"You can't even watch it for 5 minutes without cringing," he added, as millions of viewers around the world collectively cringed while watching the latest round of shows from Netflix.

According to several sources, Netflix is a multi-billion-dollar company whose sole purpose is to provide insufferable preaching to millions of viewers for only $17.99 per month. 

Experts cite several studies showing that Netflix has passed Christian entertainment and is quickly approaching 1st place for hyper-partisan preachy material, right behind Saturday Night Live and The Babylon Bee.

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