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Christian News Satire Site Launches

U.S.—A smorgasbord of emotions were on display Tuesday as The Babylon Bee, a Christian news satire website, launched to the general public. The unveiling ignited reactions across the globe ranging from joy, elation, and euphoria, to disgust, rage, and unbridled weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Reports indicate that the website, dubbed Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire, plans to vigorously engage in the art of news satire from an unapologetically Christian worldview.

“This is a sad day for America, and a sad day for the world,” remarked a teary-eyed President Obama in an emergency press conference from the White House. “Look,” he continued, “news satire has a long, storied history as an important and effective tool for articulating a specific brand of worldview: far-left, anti-religion, naturalist, nihilist—in a word, reasonable. The very idea of Christian satire is an outrage and has no place in our society, or among civilized people anywhere.”

After a brief pause to gather himself, the President continued, “Are we really OK living in a world in which some Christian version of The Onion freely publishes Christ-centered news satire? There are even reports that The Babylon Bee already has a roster of talented contributors.”

“They also have a presence on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram,” he added. “This is totally unacceptable.”

Nobody from The Babylon Bee could be reached for comment, as they were reportedly too busy working hard to be Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.

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