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Church Singing 'Set A Fire' Ignites Massive Inferno

FRESNO, CA—What they wanted was a movement of the Holy Spirit. What they got was an uncontrollable blaze that consumed much of the city’s south side.

The mysterious raging firestorm started Sunday evening, consuming homes, businesses, and industrial buildings. Fire investigators have pinpointed Living Water Assembly of God as the culprit for the inferno, as the church had been passionately singing popular worship song “Set A Fire” for over an hour just as the blaze ignited near the church campus around 9 p.m. Sunday night.

“These things happen from time to time,” Chief Fire Investigator Chuck Schrader told reporters as firefighters worked to contain the blaze behind him. “Churches will just get a little too zealous calling down flames from on high with their fiery metaphors, and the next thing you know, we’re putting our lives on the line to put down a 2,000-acre wildfire in gusty wind conditions.”

At publishing time, the blaze was just 20% contained, prompting firefighting officials to ask local charismatic churches to sing some songs about rain, floods, or “anything having to do with water” to help speed things along.

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