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Circle Maker Study Group Trying Some Other Shapes

SHERMAN, TX—Reports out of Faith Evangelical Church suggest the small group studying Mark Batterson’s book The Circle Maker is trying their hand at oval-making, among other shapes.

“We’re ready to declare and claim a faith conduit around the things we desire in our jobs, our homes, and our relationships,” study leader Mike Shotwell confirmed to reporters. “But we thought, why are we stopping at circles? What would happen if we walked in an oval around that piece of property we wanted? Or what if we walked in an octagon around the church grounds? If God’s going to bless us by merit of us confidently claiming things with a circle, what can he do with a triangle?”

Shotwell says that’s when the group really started experimenting.

“Ovals seemed the most natural extension from Circle Making. When you’re visualizing your destiny, you just make your sacred symbol a little longer—like how you’re extending your faith, is what we’ve been saying—and before you know it, you’re a Grade-A Oval Maker.”

Shotwell admitted that tangible results have been limited, but says it hasn’t dampened the group’s enthusiasm for the project one bit.

“We’ve got a guy calling LifeWay to see if they stock any other books based on stories from the Talmud featuring other shapes. I’ve been toying around with a fractal program on my computer we might be able to use. Oh, and last week Lloyd drew a rhombus we thought looked pretty miracle-ready. You can imagine how excited the guys were for that one.”

“We feel like we’re really adding a lot of power to prayer,” added a confident Shotwell, before heading off to declare a parallelogram around the church parking lot for increased attendance.

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