Concerns Raised As President Xi Seen Wearing Biden-Harris 2020 Shirt

BEIJING—Concerns about foreign interference in U.S. elections have been raised as President Xi Jinping was seen taking a pleasant morning stroll yesterday in his brand-new Biden-Harris 2020 campaign shirt. The president walked around the city, enjoying the sights and smells and the occasional distant cry of an undesirable being loaded onto a train to a concentration camp. Later in the walk, he got hot and took off all his clothes, but the other members of the party continued to praise him for his "brilliant" and "intricately woven" wardrobe.

"We're starting to think China might be taking sides here," said one analyst after viewing the footage of the president clearly wearing a Biden-Harris 2020 shirt. "We're not certain -- and don't quote me on this -- but we're thinking China may not be 100% neutral."

The Biden campaign denied sending the swag to the communist leader, with Harris saying, "Questioning me is sexist and racist" and Biden saying, "Who's Xi? Is Xi cute?"

Chinese journalists questioned President Xi on the apparent meddling in U.S. elections, but these journalists have not been heard from since. American journalists, of course, simply praised the president for his wise and cunning choice.

Not to be outdone, President Trump sent a bobblehead to Putin.

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