Congregation Horrified As Worship Pastor Accidentally Plays Kanye West Song From Old Album

HAYSLIP, IA—Church members could be heard audibly gasping as Shimmering Grace Church Worship Pastor Taylor Huggin attempted to lead the service in a Kanye West song. According to the senior pastors, Huggin had not heard much of West's music and had only recently heard he was a "new Christian artist." 

Huggin says he had originally chosen an older Kanye song because it seemed like everyone else was doing songs off his newest album. "I was just trying to dig a little deeper in the discography."

When Huggin began the song "We Don't Care," it took a few lines before the church realized what they were singing. "The song came right after Oceans, so we were pretty vulnerable. And the 'throw your hands up in the sky part' really threw us off," said lead pastor Evan Worley. But as the profane lyrics about living life as a drug dealer began to unfold, church members reeled in shock. 

"For all my n----z, that drug dealin' just to get by, stack ya money till it gets sky-high, do me a favor kids sing, kids sing..." Huggin sang as jaws dropped.

"Was that the N-word?!" one audience member could be heard screaming. 

Worship pastor Huggin was so taken up by the music that he sang the song in its entirety, along with drummer Wayne Hanwell, keyboardist Trevor Enigma, Bassist Chuck Humphries, and background vocalist Peggy Murphy, as the rest of the church looked on in complete and utter horror. 

Huggin has since stepped down as worship pastor and was last seen on the streets, drug dealing just to get by.

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