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Conservatives Accused Of Making Liberals Look Bad By Simply Reading List Of Things Liberals Believe

U.S.—Conservatives across the nation have been accused of "pouncing" and "seizing on" weaknesses in liberals' policy positions for simply reading a list of the things liberals actually believe without changing the content or commenting on it in any way.

"Conservatives are really trying to make us look bad here," said Senator Chuck Schumer. "By simply reading a list of the policy positions we actually hold, they're trying to paint us as crazy, far-left politicians with unhinged ideas."

President Trump was recently criticized for pretty much stating exactly what Democrats said in their own words about infanticide, a move that was widely panned by the left as a "hit job." This "dirty trick" of telling people what the left actually believes has prompted liberals to take action against these kinds of smears.

Senator Kamala Harris quickly proposed new legislation that would bar conservatives from smearing Democrats by simply communicating the exact positions they hold. The "Anti-Pounce Act of 2019" would provide for a fine and jail time for anyone on the right who accurately depicts the things that Democrats believe. The legislation would include language stating that even if Democrats are caught on video or audio saying something crazy, Republicans may not use this to prove that the left actually believes these crazy ideas.

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