'This Is Healthy': Cosmopolitan Features First-Ever Dead Cover Girls

NEW YORK, NY—Yass, slay, queens -- dead queens, that is! Cosmopolitan Magazine is promoting body positivity with the first-ever series of corpse cover models.

The issues feature interviews with and profiles on a dozen dead girls who show how they too can be healthy despite being completely dead.

"Look at these gorgeous corpses: the very picture of health!" Cosmo writer Bonqueesha Del Llamo posted on Twitter, her every word punctuated by a clapping emoji. "Dead πŸ‘ people πŸ‘ can πŸ‘ be πŸ‘ healthy πŸ‘ too πŸ‘!" Her tweet was followed by hundreds of replies saying "Yaas queen!" and "Say it louder for the people in the back" and "This IS it, chief!"

"Women try to make me feel unhealthy because I died of heart disease," said Heather Wallows, who died in 2017. "But we're here to say we can be healthy even though we aren't alive anymore. Because, you know, of the obesity."

The magazine is hopeful that the issues will raise awareness of women who aren't traditionally alive, but can still be healthy and active in their own, "deader" kind of way.

Cosmo quickly pulled the issues from store shelves and issued an apology, however, when it was pointed out that all the decaying corpses and skeletons were white.

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