Couple Goes On Romantic Date To Target

ALBANY, NY—Newlyweds Bryan and Heather Garrison were feeling a bit of cabin fever, having been quarantined for weeks on end in their home.

"We need a date night," Heather told her husband. Just a couple nights later, Bryan surprised his bride with an incredibly romantic evening at Target, the only place that's open near them.

The couple participated in all kinds of fun activities on their date, from watching promotional videos and playing Nintendo Switch games in the electronics section to cuddling together on the garden furniture. The evening ended with standing in the checkout line and staring into each other's eyes dreamily as they tried to stay six feet away from everyone else in the store.

"This is just what we needed," Heather said as the evening drew to a close.

Unfortunately, the date cost Bryan dearly, as his wife spent over $250 before they were done.

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