Local Couple Has Church Visitor Over Without Trying To Sell Her Something
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CALLAWAY, FL—Local woman Tricia Simpson was in for a surprise when she was invited to the home of a couple from a church she visited Sunday, only to find that the couple, apparently, was not trying to sell her something.

“I couldn’t believe it,” the astonished Simpson revealed to reporters. “This nice couple invited me to come hang out and have dessert and coffee, and they said a few others from church would be there, too. I’ve received countless invitations from people in other churches I’ve attended, and they’ve always turned into some sort of marketing pitch before the night was over. I kind of just expect it now.”

However, this time, after the couple served a variety of pies, cookies, and even a homemade almond butter cake, they reportedly just sat around and talked with their guests over coffee and tea. “When the first person got up to leave, I thought surely the couple would pull out some brochures, pop in a video, or at least mention their scented candles,” Simpson noted. “But they didn’t.”

“I move around quite a bit because of my job, so I’ve attended a lot of churches,” she further explained. “Every time I move, I have to get rid of all the spatulas, cheese boards, face creams, cleaning products, soup mixes, essential oils, soap-making kits, scrap-booking supplies, body wraps, nutritional supplements, and massaging foot baths I didn’t need but bought anyway, you know, just to be nice.”

“It’s so refreshing to be offered sincere friendship instead of Pampered Chef frying pans,” she added. “I’m excited to meet more people from this church.”

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