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Creflo Dollar Debuts New Pulpit Made Entirely Of Hundred Dollar Bills

COLLEGE PARK, GA—Creflo Dollar reportedly broke in his new, looming pulpit made entirely out of hundred-dollar bills Sunday by preaching a convicting, passionate sermon on humility, sources at World Changers Church confirmed Friday.

The large, intimidating money pulpit was constructed out of all the crisp, freshly banded c-notes placed in the offering plate by Dollar’s church members over the past several weeks.

“We can’t lift ourselves up or make life all about us,” Dollar said, pounding on the pulpit made out of a small portion of the obscene amount of money his church rakes in week after week. “We have to remain humble in light of the holiness of God. It’s not about you!”

“But still, can we all just take a moment and admire the beautiful construction on this new pulpit made out of your hard-earned cash? Fantastic,” he continued. “If Jesus were on Earth today, I guarantee He would be preaching from a pulpit just like this one.”

The pulpit was crafted by a custom furniture design firm at a cost of approximately $30 million, in addition to the cost of the raw materials. In light of such a cost, Dollar reportedly asked his congregation during his message to consider a donation of $300 per month to help pay off the ornate, cash-hewn lectern.

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