Dad Finds Button To End FaceTime Call In Record 27 Seconds

ERIE, PA—According to sources, local dad Dale Jeffers has managed to end a FaceTime call, successfully finding the right button in a record 27 seconds.

"I love you kids, be safe, it's so nice to talk to you," said Jeffers to his daughter before adjusting the screen and looking at it through his reading glasses in search of the "hang-up" button. His kids were then treated to an underside view of Dad's neck and nostrils as he looked for the button. 

Witnesses say he muttered a few four-letter words before finding the button and hanging up the call in a record 27 seconds, which is faster than any other dad on record.

His kids were later treated to an accidental FaceTime call from the inside of his jeans pocket. 

Chris Smitherson has a problem: he's unvaccinated -- which means he's left out of all activities as he doesn't have COVID like his vaccinated friends. Thoughts and prayers.

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