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Data Suggests Democrats' Rhetoric May Be Inciting Violence Against The Unborn

U.S.—Several recent studies have provided supporting data to the idea that Democrats' rhetoric may be inciting violence against the nation's unborn babies, sources confirmed Tuesday.

As discussion in the country on the relationship between inflammatory language and political violence ramps up, multiple studies have found a "strong correlation" between Democratic rhetoric on abortion and unprovoked violence against the unborn.

"It seems that referring to unborn children using dehumanizing language such as 'clump of cells,' 'unwanted fetus,' and 'parasitic blob of tissue' can cause an increase in the number of people who think it's OK to kill their unborn babies," said one analyst. "Over the past several decades, we've seen Americans begin killing their unborn children by the millions as this rhetoric has grown increasingly violent."

Democrat leaders have doubled down on their tactics, claiming their inflammatory language about babies in the womb is necessary.

"You just can't be civil with these fetuses," said Hillary Clinton. "If we lay off the violent rhetoric, more poor babies might be born. That's why we have to mob them in the womb and let them know they aren't welcome here anymore!"

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