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DC Talk Issues Formal Apology For 'Nu Thang'

NASHVILLE, TN—Expressing their “deep sorrow” for the very existence of the record, Christian rock trio DC Talk issued a formal apology Friday for their involvement in the conception, release, and promotion of their sophomore album Nu Thang.

“I have no idea what we were thinking,” band member Toby McKeehan told reporters at a press conference. “We’re a Christian group, so we can’t even blame drugs. It was just extremely poor judgment on our part to write, record, and propagate a record such as Nu Thang.”

Other band members agreed, with a somber Kevin Max breaking down in tears during the press event.

“That record haunts me at night,” Max reportedly said, trying to hold himself together. “I mean, ‘I Luv Rap Music?’ What on earth was that all about?”

“For whatever part I have played, I am truly and deeply sorry.”

At publishing time, Michael Tait had asked that hit records Jesus Freak and Supernatural be taken as the band’s official apology for the “inexcusable” rap album from their early years.

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