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'I Caught My Wife Watching 'The Last Jedi'—Is This Grounds For Divorce?'

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Dear BaBee,

I got home from work the other day, and my wife was on the couch watching TV. I thought nothing of it. But then I froze as I heard the words coming from the screen: "It's time for the Jedi to end." In a panic, I confronted her, and sure enough, she was watching The Last Jedi. She tried to play it off like it was no big deal and thinks I'm overreacting. She even rolled her eyes and said I should "calm down" and "stop brandishing that lightsaber at me, it is a pretend toy."

Do you think this constitutes biblical grounds for divorce?

- Triggered in Tennessee


Dear Triggered,

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus says that there's only one grounds for divorce: marital unfaithfulness. Not all wrongs in a marriage meet this standard. For instance, if she had just been watching the prequels, you could probably get by with some tough marital counseling. If you're seriously thinking about divorce, you need to ask if enjoying The Last Jedi is really the equivalent of cheating on you.

And the answer, of course, is yes. She betrayed those vows she made to you all those years ago by forsaking the true Star Wars canon.

Drop her like a bomb in space that falls toward a capital ship for some reason instead of just floating there.


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