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Dems: We Have To Enact Socialism So We Can Find Out What It Is

U.S.—Democrats across the country have begun urging the nation to enact socialism “so we can find out what it is,” stating that we won’t know exactly what the politico-economic system entails unless we pass it into law.

Speaking to CNN Wednesday, Christine Hallquist, one of the nation’s first transgender gubernatorial candidates stated, “I’m not sure I even know what socialism is,” but added that she agrees with her party’s increasingly favorable view of the failed economic system.

“We need to pass it so we can find out what’s in it,” Hallquist added. “That’s the best reason to pass sweeping overhauls of things like healthcare and our economy: so you can test your policies on the nation like a bunch of little guinea pigs.”

Congressional Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer also pushed for enacting socialism as soon as possible so the nation can find out what’s in it. “It worked for Obamacare. Well, for us, anyway,” Pelosi said in a press conference.

Finally, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chimed in on the conversation, stating that socialism should “like, double the economy or something because we take away all the money and then give it all back so that’s like 2 or 3 times as much money as there was at first.”

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