Are ESV Thinline Editions Promoting Unrealistic Beauty Standards For Our Nation's Bibles?

The gorgeous Thinline editions of the ESV translation of the Bible have become the new gold standard for comfort and fashion in personal copies of the Scriptures, with believers from all over ogling at their attractive shape and lean, skinny figures.

But some are suggesting that the product is promoting an unrealistic standard of beauty for our nation’s Bibles.

Jonna Hines is the founder of the “Bible Beauty at Every Size” movement, and she’s out to prove that Bibles can be beautiful no matter how thick or thin.

“Are large MacArthur Study Bibles somehow less valuable just because they have a little more junk in the trunk? I don’t think so,” Hines said at a recent “Bible Acceptance” rally. “And what about full, curvy King James Family editions? We’re out to redefine patriarchal standards of Bible beauty, smashing the oppressive social constructs of beauty and fashion.”

Many within the movement claim they have been looked down upon by owners of Thinline copies of the Bible, mocked for the size of their old Ryrie Study Bibles or Thompson Chain Reference NIVs.

“Our Bibles aren’t plus-sized—they’re fabulous-sized,” one woman said.

“Real Bibles have curves,” she added.

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