Study Finds Filling Out Bracket By Team Colors And Mascots 385% More Effective
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U.S.—As America gears up for the NCAA March Madness tournament, a surprising study found that most people who think they know a lot about basketball and strategically fill out their brackets each year have been doing it all wrong. 

The study found that people who fill out the brackets according to team color or mascot --the way Star Wars fans, gamers, and women do-- are on average 385% more effective at predicting the outcome of the tournament than those with a vast knowledge of sports.

"I've memorized thousands and thousands of stats. I've watched hours of tape. I know the game inside and out. And yet, my wife still beats me every year when we fill out brackets," said local man Chad McCrad. "What have I been doing with my life?" 

According to sources, McCrad decided to give up sports and become a Star Wars fan.

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