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Gungan Diplomat Interrupts State Of The Union To Propose Immediately Granting Emergency Powers To President Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C.—While attending the State of the Union address as a special guest from his homeworld of Naboo, a Gungan diplomat interrupted the State of the Union this evening to propose granting emergency powers to President Donald Trump, sources confirmed.

The controversial proposal would give Trump supreme executive power to be surrendered at a later date when the current Clone War crisis has been averted.

"Exsqueeeese me!" he shouted as a bewildered Trump stopped abruptly. The Gungan stepped up toward the podium to give his proposal: "Meesa propose that the Senate give immediately emergency powers to the supreme chancellor, Donald Trump. Meesa think Trump will do very good, very bigly job!"

Secret Service escorted the amphibious humanoid out of the building as he protested, "How wude!"

Trump thanked the mysterious Gungan diplomat for his proposal, accepted his offer, and quickly declared, "I am the Senate." His first act while wielding supreme power was to execute an order dubbed "order 66," in which all the libs are to be rounded up and slain.

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