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Hillary Clinton Sends 30,000 Emails On Mission To Investigate Black Hole

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The historic photo of a black hole revealed this week has prompted much discussion in the scientific community as to who will explore it first.

Many did not want to go because of how hazardous the trip will be. Many companies are even reluctant to send unmanned probes due to the high cost and possibility of losing their astronomically expensive equipment.

But finally, one brave soul stepped forward: Hillary Clinton. She volunteered to send a probe containing surveillance equipment and also her 30,000 emails that mysteriously went missing.

"Because I have always been a supporter of the sciences, I will voluntarily send my 30,000 missing emails to investigate this black hole and report back on what they find there," she said in a press conference Thursday. "I have kept them in hiding, waiting for the right time to use them in a way that will benefit this country."

"I know this is a dangerous mission and they may end up disappearing forever. We have to take that chance," she said, adding that it would be "a horrible tragedy" if the emails ended up getting swallowed by the black hole so no one would ever know what they say.

"I really, really hope that doesn't happen," she said.

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