Hollywood Unveils New 'Walk Of Shame' For Conservative Actors

HOLLYWOOD—Addressing growing concerns about open conservative actors daring to express their opinions, West Hollywood’s city council has voted to create a brand-new "Walk of Shame" on Hollywood Boulevard.

"Let this be a lesson to every movie star who dares to express opinions we don't like," said city council member Xandar Berthatron. "If you are ever caught expressing support for low taxes or traditional family values, you will get your very own star on the sidewalk, to be trampled upon by the masses to your eternal shame."

Early candidates for the Walk of Shame include Chris Pratt, Gina Carano, Kelsey Grammer, and Tim Allen, among others. The city's city council hopes the walk will serve to create a much more tolerant and inclusive community for everyone.

Some proposed giving Donald Trump a star on the Walk of Shame, but the entire council began shrieking and convulsing at the mention of the name "Trump." They eventually agreed to give Trump his own star on another city project: "The Sewer of Shame."

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