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Homeschoolers To Continue Quarantining Themselves From Everything Like Always

U.S.—The nation's homeschoolers announced their plan to continue quarantining themselves from Coronavirus, social interactions, pop culture, and everything else Tuesday morning.

While the rest of the nation scrambled to quarantine themselves from the spread of the virus, homeschoolers were already prepared, having previously walled themselves off from the world.

"A quarantine? No problem," said Jen Poulson, homeschooling mother from western Pennsylvania. "We're on it."

Homeschoolers stockpiled things like young earth science textbooks, Greek workbooks, classic movies and classical works of literature, and Bibles. They also rushed local stores to buy a bunch of toilet paper, but just so they could use the cardboard rolls for crafts.

Most homeschool kids are now currently quarantined but not much has changed, and the majority remain unaware that Coronavirus is a threat or that there is a cartoon television show called The Simpsons.

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