In Honor Of Memorial Day, John Bolton Announces 7 New Wars

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a moving speech to honor Memorial Day, National Security Advisor John Bolton announced seven new wars the U.S. will launch in the coming months.

It's customary for military leaders to say a few words on Memorial Day, sometimes thanking past soldiers for their sacrifice or reminding Americans of the price of freedom. This year, Bolton is going above and beyond, actually announcing new unnecessary wars as a special gift to the country on this solemn occasion.

Bolton teased wars on Canada, Mexico, England, France, Russia, India, and California, all in honor of the memory of soldiers who have died in past American wars. The national security advisor said that he selected these countries "kind of at random," picking the names out of a MAGA hat.

"The best way we can remember the fallen is to launch a bunch of new wars and make more fallen," he said solemnly. "Remember the sacrifice of the soldiers who fought in foreign wars, so that we would have the freedom to launch more foreign wars. They died for your freedoms, they died for your sins. They died so we could attack Iran again."


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