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Inspired By 'Tiny House' Episode, Benny Hinn Purchases 15,000-Square-Foot Italian Villa

LAKE COMO, ITALY—After watching an “inspiring” episode of HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living program featuring families looking to downsize to small homes up to just a few hundred square feet, prosperity gospel preacher Benny Hinn reportedly phoned his real estate property manager and had him purchase a historic 15,000-square-foot villa in North Italy overlooking Lake Como, Europe’s deepest lake, sources report.

Eager to see if the move would help him rediscover his inner peace and connect him more to the common man, Hinn reportedly asked his agent if he could fly his private jet to “anoint the little house” and pick out opulent furnishings and decorations right away, instructing him to “pay extra if you have to—I want this tiny house right now.”

“I just really need to downsize and simplify my life,” Hinn noted to several of his butlers after confirming the purchase. “Does anyone really need twenty-nine master bedrooms? Eighteen is more than enough.”

“I’ll be keeping my other lofts and mansions, of course. No need to let them go to waste in case I ever want to treat myself for a weekend or two,” he added. “This is going to be so good for me to reconnect with the people.”

At publishing time, Hinn had considered trading in his Gulfstream G4SP luxury aircraft for something more modest, but had decided against the move. “Everyone has their limits,” he reasoned.

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