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Kellogg's Introduces New Relient K Cereal

BATTLE CREEK, MI—In a move to capture the lucrative market of Christians who still listen to pop punk bands from the late 1990s, Kellogg’s introduced its new Relient K cereal Tuesday, a variant on Special K with Relient K band members on the cover and a new, improved recipe.

Relient K frontman Matt Theissen stated he was hopeful that this cereal would further the band’s career in a changing music industry. “I really hope this product will be my escape from the pop punk scene into a wider mass market audience.” Theissen also indicated he was looking at other deals like Vans shoe sponsorships, a modeling agreement with TRESemme Flawless Curls Mousse, and a particularly profitable endorsement deal with Dockers khaki pants.

“This is the same great taste from Special K you’ve learned to love, but now, your spirit will be nourished along with your body,” Kellogg’s CEO Steven Cahillane said at a special cereal launch event.

Cereal boxes will have fun games and puzzles on the back, including trivia about various Relient K band members, and a free Relient K action figure inside each box.

“The toy inside is always a surprise—there’s nothing better,” Cahillane added.

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