Leaping Off Skyscraper To Waiting Helicopter, Benny Hinn Narrowly Escapes IRS Agents
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DALLAS, TX—Making a death-defying leap off the top of a skyscraper to his private helicopter hovering just off the edge of the towering building, Benny Hinn narrowly escaped a team of IRS agents closing in on him Monday evening, sources confirmed.

Having led the agents on a dramatic foot chase through the building’s lobby and stairwell after they tried to bring him in for questioning as part of the agency’s ongoing investigation of Benny Hinn Ministries, the televangelist rebuked the agents in Jesus’s name, burst through the roof door, and made a wild dash for the chopper, vaulting several air conditioning units and ventilation ducts as agents followed just steps behind.

With the minister apparently cornered, agents called for him to stop fleeing and give himself up.

“Put the suit jacket on the ground and slowly turn around,” an agent reportedly yelled towards the minister. “We don’t want to hurt you. Please come quietly!”

“Ha! You will always remember this as the day you almost caught the great Benny Hinn!” the preacher cried with glee as he leaped from the tower, his white suit jacket flapping in the wind as he grabbed onto the ladder dangling below the chopper and narrowly made his escape, according to witnesses.

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