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Liberals Horrified At Thought Of Losing Legal Right To Kill 60 Million More Babies

U.S.—Upon the announcement that Justice Kennedy would be retiring soon, liberals across the country expressed their horror that they might soon lose the legal right to kill 60 million more American babies over the next several decades.

Worried that Roe v. Wade could be overturned by a new, conservative-leaning court, progressives expressed their sheer horror that the unalienable right to slaughter unborn children wholesale could be ripped away from the nation’s women.

“We’ve enjoyed so much freedom to kill innocent unborn babies over the past 45 years, but if we take that for granted, if we give up the fight now, the Supreme Court could rip that important, foundational right away from us,” a Planned Parenthood spokesperson said at a protest rally Wednesday. “We must not give up. We must fight to prevent Trump from nominating a justice who doesn’t recognize that ending another human life is a core American right guaranteed by the founding fathers.”

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