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Libertarian Reminds Nation That All Elections Are Illegitimate

GREGORY, TX—As accusations of election fraud and illegitimate results continue to flood the news, local libertarian man Lew Rand reminded everyone he could that every election ever held was illegitimate, since elections are merely the masses' attempt to control their fellow man.

Rand pointed out that since other people can simply vote to take away his rights and labor, elections are merely tyranny under another name. 

"You want to talk about fraudulent elections?" he wrote in a comment section on Facebook covering election fraud and accusations of legitimacy in North Carolina's congressional race. "Let's start with the very concept of democracy to begin with: other people voting how much of my property to plunder."

The man continued to follow all the coverage on possibly illegitimate election results, softly chuckling to himself. "As though there's such a thing as a legitimate election," he said, holding back laughter. "Sheeple, all of 'em."

At publishing time, Rand had also reminded the nation that all taxation is theft.

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