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Libertarian Writes Letter To Santa Asking For Government Shutdown This Year

ARVADA, CO—Upon hearing rumors of the possibility of a government shutdown, local libertarian man Hank Stanson reportedly wrote a letter to Santa asking for the entire government to cease operations forever for Christmas this year.

"Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for you to shut down the federal government permanently," his modest request read. "All non-essential services should be shut down immediately." He then clarified by "non-essential services" he meant all services provided by the federal government.

"I've been a very good boy this year," he wrote, arguing his case. "I haven't smoked any marijuana, and I haven't shouted at any police officers that taxation is theft yet. When a prominent politician died earlier this year, I even waited a full day before blasting him on my Facebook page. So please, Santa Claus, please make this staunch liberty lover a very happy man this year."

Since there is no Santa, the letter was rerouted to President Trump, who assured the man he is working on his wish.

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