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Teen Unsure If He's Actually 'Doing Life'

INDIANAPOLIS, IN—While Christendom is abuzz with saints ‘doing life’ together, local teen Brandon Hernandez, 16, is struggling to make sense of it, admitting to reporters Tuesday that he is unsure whether or not he is actually ‘doing life’ at all.

“Everyone’s talking about ‘doing life’ all the time, but I have no idea what that means, to be honest, and nobody’s ever explained it to me. How is it any different from just, like, living? Or being alive?” asked the teen, wondering aloud which specific actions or thought processes he should be partaking in to make the transition from the type of living he’s engaged in currently to fully and actually doing life. “Am I ‘doing life’ right now, or am I just, you know, living life? I have no clue.”

“I feel like I’m missing out,” he added. “Or maybe I’m already ‘doing life,’ and I’m just ruining it by questioning whether or not I actually am. Can anyone explain it to me? Please help.”

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