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Local Woman Lovingly Nags Unsaved Husband Into Kingdom

NASHVILLE, TN—Heeding scriptural admonitions found somewhere in 1 Peter, local wife Vanessa Branden decided to adopt a more spiritual approach of continuously badgering her husband, Thomas, on previously tabled discussions related to God, the gospel, and going to yet another weekday Bible study group until he finally gave in and accepted Christ as Lord and Savior and entered the Kingdom of God as a born-again Christian.

"Alright! Enough! Get off my back! See? I prayed the prayer!" Thomas could be heard yelling after the Holy Spirit entered his heart. "NOW LAY OFF ME!"

Venessa's struggle to make her husband think about God or Christianity at all had been stymied as she tried to win him over without a word by her actions. Something was missing.

"I realized that when I had asked him things before, he was either ignoring me or forgetting what I just said. So, when I decided to keep bringing things up over and over and over again, you know, as a gentle but firm reminder. I found that this did the trick and won him over almost right away! Even I thought I might be getting annoying, but the results don't lie,"  Vanessa told astonished reporters gathered at her home.

At publishing time, Vanessa was found to be thinking of multiple household chores and events she could begin nagging her husband about.

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