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Local Woman's Sudden Desire To Start A Small Group Definitely Has Nothing To Do With Her Work-From-Home Jewelry Sales Business

FOOTHILL MEADOWS, CA—Local woman Tricia Powers confirmed Monday that her sudden interest in running a small group for the ladies at Redeemer Baptist Church has "absolutely nothing" to do with her recent decision to become a work-at-home sales rep for a jewelry company.

The woman claimed her sudden passion for hosting as many events at her place as possible and her new job as a Platinum Diamond Regional Manager for Plexajewel Limited—the lowest possible position in the company—are completely coincidental.

"I have a spontaneous calling to host women at my house as many times as I'm able each week," she told the pastor. "This is a calling from the Holy Spirit, and definitely not related in any way to my new job selling cheap jewelry at a ridiculous markup to my friends and family."

"You don't want to quench the Holy Spirit, do you, pastor?" she added innocently.

Powers has reportedly scheduled no fewer than 9 fellowship nights for the next month, each of which includes door prizes and the "opportunity to be blessed by purchasing my products."

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