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Man Returning To Church Proud That He Still Remembers All The Words To 'Good Good Father'

KNOXVILLE, TN—As more states see their gathering restrictions lifted, many are returning to church for the first time in months. This has left churchgoers feeling a bit rusty, especially when trying to remember the words to complex hymns. Local man Adam Major is no exception, which is why he was proud that he successfully remembered all the words to "Good, Good Father."

“I was really worried about learning every worship song all over again,” Major said, “but once ‘Good Good Father’ started playing, the whole song just came back to me. I don’t know how I did it!”

Major later admitted that he felt like he was just repeating himself over and over. He explained, “Whenever I was a little unsure about the next part of the song, I sang it 3 times just to be safe.”

Worship leader Spencer "Take it to the Bridge" Cochran thought that disaster was upon them when the words on the screen gave out mid-song, but surprisingly the entire congregation continued singing unaffected. “They just...knew all of the words!” said a flabbergasted Cochran. “It truly was a miracle to behold!”

At publishing time, the church was considering selling their screens and projectors and just singing more Chris Tomlin songs.

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