Man Wears Sweatshirt Just In Case Wife Gets Cold

FRANKLIN, TN—Whenever local man Paul Conger and his wife are about to go out, Conger is sure to check the weather. If it looks like it's going to be cold outside, Conger wears a sweatshirt, just in case his wife gets cold.

"If the weather looks a little nippy, I plan ahead and wear a sweatshirt," Conger said. "That way, when the wind picks up, I can take off my sweatshirt and give it to my shivering wife, who didn't plan ahead at all."

"Yeah, then I'm a little cold myself, but hey. I get to be the hero."

The couple carries out this ritual everywhere they go, whether it's on a walk through the park, at a church service, or during a movie. "About five minutes into Doctor Sleep this weekend I went ahead and just took my hoodie off and handed it to her without even looking," Conger said. "We have this telepathic connection going now."

His wife, Grace Conger, announced her plan to continue not wearing a sweatshirt, even when it's clearly going to be freezing at their destination.

"Why would I wear a sweatshirt when Paul always wears one?" she asked.

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