Man Who Said 'Amen' To Prayer Said In Spanish Not Sure What He Signed On To

SEGUIN, TX—According to sources, Carl Sullivan recently attended a Catholic mass with his friend Carlos Garcia. Since the people at the church were native Spanish speakers, the priest prayed first in English, then in Spanish. After the Spanish prayer, Sullivan reflexively said, “Amen,” but quickly realized he had no idea what he’d signed on to.

“When you say ‘Amen,’ you’re, like, legally obligated for whatever is said in that prayer,” Sullivan explained. “And I barely know a word of Spanish, so I have no idea what he said in that prayer that I just told God I agreed with.”

Sullivan said the prayer did seem reverent, and he did catch the word “Dios” in the prayer — and the reference to “Dios” seemed to be positive. “I mean, I’m probably okay,” Sullivan stated, “I’m just not 100% sure the prayer wasn’t filled with blasphemies.”

Sullivan then realized that he had also tuned out about halfway through the English prayer, so he couldn’t really vouch for everything said in that either. “And I do that all the time, but I still always say ‘Amen’ at the end. I guess that’s the same as saying ‘Amen’ to a prayer in Spanish.”

Sullivan realized he may have made another mistake by saying, “Amen.” “Was I supposed to say that?” he asked. “I mean, what’s Spanish for ‘Amen’?”

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