Popular Christmas Song 'Mary, Did You Know?' Criticized For Mansplaining

CLAREMONT, CA—Members of the United Evangelist World Faith Missionary Alliance Church voted to remove the song "Mary Did You Know" from their library of songs members of the church could sing karaoke-style during Christmas services after coming to a consensus that the song is pure mansplaining. 

"Every line is a man condescending to a woman, assuming she doesn't know anything about her own baby," said Margie Hall, chairman of the church board. "The fact that this song was written and originally sung by a man just makes my skin crawl."

The original performer and writer of the song, comedian and vocalist Mark Lowry commented on the controversy by explaining his position in a condescending and overconfident tone. Lowry has also been accused of manspreading. His defenders are few, but those who have come out in his favor are commonly accused of "himpathy."

Lowry has been encouraged to write a new song titled, "Mary, sorry, I'll shut up and do better."

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