Matt Damon To Star In Pro-Life Thriller 'The Unbourne Identity'

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Matt Damon's Jason Bourne series isn't finished with him yet. A prequel has been announced featuring Damon reprising his starring role as secret agent Jason Bourne, only this time he's a fetus. The story follows Jason Bourne before he was born, revealing the backstory behind him being a baby. 

Filmmakers say almost the entire movie will take place inside of Bourne's mother's womb as the fetus fights for its life against murderous abortion doctors trying to get to him with their tools of torture and death. 

Over seven effects houses were hired to deep fake Damon's face onto the head of an unborn baby. "It took some serious de-aging," said lead effects coordinator at Beta Digital. 

The Unbourne Identity is due this summer.


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