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Melania Trump Criticized For Not Being Michelle Obama

WASHINGTON, D.C.—First Lady Melania Trump came under heavy fire from various media outlets and political pundits Wednesday after it was revealed that she is not in fact Michelle Obama.

Liberal news sites and broadcasts took the First Lady to task for never having been Michelle Obama at any point during her husband’s tenure as President.

“She doesn’t look like Michelle Obama, she doesn’t talk like Michelle Obama,” one CNN anchor said in his program, as the screen displayed images of the two First Ladies side by side to prove the point. “The bottom line is that she isn’t Michelle Obama at all, and we’re going to slam her for absolutely everything she does or doesn’t do until she addresses her egregious failure to be Michelle Obama.”

“We simply can’t let her get away with this,” he added, shaking his finger at the camera.

Various progressive outlets also confirmed they would continue to “make a mountain out of a molehill” with every single minute aspect of Mrs. Trump’s public and private life, claiming that she deserves the criticism for her complete refusal to be Michelle Obama throughout her time in the White House.

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